A Note from the Publisher

Thank you to our advisory board whose talents, insights, and passions contribute to the quality of this publication

Jacqueline Guevara
Executive Director, Joshua Tree National Park Association

Barnett English
Festival Founder and Director, Joshua Tree Music Festival

Dave Catching
Owner, Rancho De La Luna Recording Studio, Musician, Producer

Mario Lalli
Musician, Fatso Jetson, Yawning Man

Bobby Furst
Owner/Creator of FurstWurld, Artist

Our Team

Cover Photo: Foster Snell
Cover Art: Lisa Lynn Morgan
Interior Layout & Design Wizard: Jeff Day Web Guru: Chelsea Van Es
Editing & Social Media Czar: Tricia Witkower
Staff Photographer: Sandra Goodin
Owner/Publisher: Lisa Lynn Morgan
Owner/Principal: Ray Rodriguez

From Our Partners

Katie Nartonis, JTV Art Boss
Philip Bonafede, Snake Wrangler and Desert Gardener
Cassie Morrow
Susan von Seggern
Chakra Khan
Lisa Lynn Morgan

David Fearn – Flames of Durga
Sasha Middleton – Dali’s Llama Matthew Hall
Billy Folsom
Paul Moeller

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A Note from the Publisher:

About the Front Cover: Photographer, Foster Snell, has been photographing JTMF for 8 years. We are grateful for this photo by Foster Snell that captures the unbridled joy that is regularly experienced at the Joshua Tree Music Festival. I asked him to share about it.

“The community has become family to me,” shared Snell. “Of all the events I’ve worked, Joshua Tree Music Festival is unique in its music, design, intention, and family-oriented ideals. I’ve even brought my parents to experience the magic of that festival. It’s a very special place. This specific photo was made while the band had allowed the crowd to join them on-stage to dance. I saw this happening from afar, so I quickly ran to photograph all the joyous smiles. This photo certainly portrays the celebration of that night.”

I want to invite you to get out and find some pure joy this month. Put it on a non-negotiable checklist for March. It is going to be a glorious month, and quite possibly covered in blooms! These pages are full of opportunities to find your joy, if not, at least get you closer to it. It’s been said that true happiness (or joy) isn’t found in people, places, or things, and that may be true. But Joshua Tree has magic in her dirt, and you’ll feel it if you let yourself.
“The healthiest response to life is joy.” Mark Twain

JOSHUA TREE VOICE SPOTLIGHT: Sandra Goodin, Photographer: I remember the first time I met Sandra. It was at the first Joshua Tree Music Festival following the lockdowns from Covid 19. We had launched our first issue ever. She immediately fell in love with our vision and wanted to be part of it. I can’t believe we found such a gem. She is part of the Divine Choreography we’ve experience from the beginning of this endeavor. Sandra has a heart of gold, and an impeccable eye, always willing to share her craft, even in the less glamorous ways, spending hours in photo booths or at step and repeats, and all the editing that comes with it. It’s no wonder she was independently nominated by peers and voted by her community for Outstanding Photographer at the first annual Joshuas this past year. She also works hard to get our issues out to the community each month. She is priceless. Please let her know that when you see her!

From Our Partners