A Note from the Publisher

Thank you to our advisory board whose talents, insights, and passions
contribute to the quality of this publication

Jacqueline Guevara
Executive Director, Joshua Tree National Park Association
Barnett English
Festival Founder and Director, Joshua Tree Music Festival
Dave Catching
Owner, Rancho De La Luna Recording Studio, Musician, Producer
Mario Lalli
Musician, Fatso Jetson, Yawning Man
Bobby Furst
Owner/Creator of FurstWurld, Artist

Our Team

Cover Photo: Michael Emanuele
Cover Art: Lisa Lynn Morgan
Interior Layout & Design Wizard: Jeff Day
Web Guru: Chelsea Van Es
Editing & Social Media Czar: Tricia Witkower
Staff Photographer: Sandra Goodin
Owner/Publisher: Lisa Lynn Morgan
Owner/Principal: Ray Rodriguez

Bruce Fessier, Celebrity Guest Writer
Chris Clarke, Our Local Conservation and Ecology Hero
Carmen Aurrecoechea, for Joshua Tree National Park
Katie Nartonis, JTV Art Boss
Christy Addis-Gutierrez, Feature Writer
Monique A. LeBleu, Feature Writer
Jacqueline Guevara, Feature Writer
Ray Rodriguez, Principal
Lisa Lynn Morgan, Publisher

From Our Partners

Coachella 2022 Weekend 1 Photos, Courtesy of Coachella and:
Julian Bajsel
Elli Lauren
Ashley Osborn
Pooneh Ghana
Interior Pixels

Cahuilla Bird Singers Courtesy of
Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians
and Bruce Fessier

Steve Poltz & BaHOOTenzie Photos Courtesy of
Joshua Tree Music Festival and
Brian Ngo
Carl Rice

David Irwin Photos Courtesy of
Lucas Dabrowski
Joshua Tree Stays
Najib Bou Ghanem
David Tang
David Irwin

Monique A. LeBleu
Chris Clarke
Paul Moeller
Matthew Hall
Gordon Clark

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A Note from the Publisher:


Our impromptu cover model for our March issue was Joshua Tree Music Festival regular and poster child of joy, Pilar Woodman. Thank you Pilar for being a stunning example of what the Joshua Tree Music Festival is all about.


Jeff Day, Graphics Guru: I met Jeff in early 2015 where I worked for FG Creative, a dynamic and busy boutique ad agency in Palm Desert, California. With over a decade long background in ad sales and marketing, having worked with graphics departments from the Los Angeles Daily News to national direct mail magazines, I was immediately impressed with his work. With a firm grasp on ad messaging priorities, he demonstrated a simultaneously mathematical and creative brain as exhibited in the multiple campaigns he designed for a huge variety of clients from hospitals, accounting firms, city organizations, and non-profits to rock and roll graphics for music venues. Equally impressive was the speed at which he could turn around great pieces of graphic art in a short time. It was always sad when clients would come back with changes that I felt killed the creativity that I saw in his original designs. So when Joshua Tree Voice was only a vision, Jeff was one of the first people Ray and I met with. To my delight, he was deeply invested in the success of JTV from the get go. And I knew things would be better if I just let him design to his heart’s content. All I have to do is give general, organized direction, and stay out of the way. He’s tolerated me and my deadline pressures like a champ, and without him, I don’t think we’d all be experiencing the magic we get to dive into every month. On top of that, Jeff is one of the best single dads I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching over the years. His daughters are everything to him. I am literally surrounded by the best of the best.

From Our Partners