A Note from the Publisher

Thank you to our advisory board whose talents, insights, and passions
contribute to the quality of this publication
Jacqueline Guevara
Executive Director, Joshua Tree National Park Association
Barnett English
Festival Founder and Director, Joshua Tree Music Festival
Dave Catching
Owner, Rancho De La Luna Recording Studio, Musician, Producer
Mario Lalli
Musician, Fatso Jetson, Yawning Man
Bobby Furst
Owner/Creator of FurstWurld, Artist

A Note from the Publisher:

By the time we are all reading this issue, it will have been weeks since the inaugural Joshuas Honors Gala took place, yet ripples of gratitude are still finding their way to shore. We’re still digesting all the magic that took place Sunday, October 16th at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center, much less finding words adequate to express the depth of our gratitude. We still have stars in our eyes when we talk about the brilliant performances to a standing room only community gathered in the spirit of love and honor. We continue to shake our heads in amazement at Hutch – part superhuman, part acrobat, and 100% heart and tech genius for creating a stage and sound system Adele would have enjoyed. To all our precious volunteers, sponsors, believers, and givers, we would adorn you with crowns and capes of honor, but you’d refuse them – besides, capes can be tricky. Joshua Tree Retreat Center – thank you for opening up your historic property and its divine energy to us. Rolo Castillo would light up the whole world and surround it with bitchin’ artwork like a wizard if he didn’t have to sleep occasionally (or if it didn’t rain) – thank you for making it brighter and cooler than Christmas.

Most profusely, to everyone whose presence lit up the Joshua Tree Retreat Center for the first ever Joshuas: An event is only as good as the people in the audience, and you were phenomenal. Because of you, we are able to give $1000 to the Joshua Tree National Park Association, $1000 to the Boys and Girls Club of the Hi-Desert, and 100% of the liquor sales (huge thanks to generous donations from Rancho De La Luna Mezcal and Joshua Tree Distillery) to Joshua Tree Retreat Center.

Our cup runneth over.

Go to our website and click on the red button that says, “The Joshuas 2022 Photo Gallery” and check out all the pictures taken by photographers Sandra Goodin and Billy Folsom.

Lastly, to all the musicians who performed at the Joshuas: You were stars, each and every one of you:

Harriet Le Fevre, Tumbleweed Time Machine, Chris Poland and The California Celts, Art Podell, Judy Montgomery, Amritakripa and Friends, Rosa Pullman, Daytime Moon, Shadow Mountain, Victoria Williams and Friends, Q.Varo, Sean Wheeler, Fatso Jetson, Karma Dealers, Joe Garcia, Ted Quinn, Jesika Von Rabbit, Nigel Roman, Brad Byrd, and Mikey Reyes and the Feeling.

DJ Alkimmey and Cat LaCohie of Fire & Flight, you made the After Party truly rock!

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Katie Nartonis, The Art Boss’ Boss this month!
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Chris Clarke, Desert Protection Advocate with a Heart
Philip Bonafede, Snake Wrangler
Lisa L. Morgan, Wrangler of Wranglers
Ray Rodriguez, Ringleader (insert circus music here)

Matthew Hall
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Paul Moeller



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