A Note from the Publisher

Thank you to our advisory board whose talents, insights, and passions
contribute to the quality of this publication
Jacqueline Guevara
Executive Director, Joshua Tree National Park Association
Barnett English
Festival Founder and Director, Joshua Tree Music Festival
Dave Catching
Owner, Rancho De La Luna Recording Studio, Musician, Producer
Mario Lalli
Musician, Fatso Jetson, Yawning Man
Bobby Furst
Owner/Creator of FurstWurld, Artist

About the Front Cover: This photo provided by Joshua Tree National Park shows the ascent of Tanner Levi Hopson (Athlete and double amputee above the knee) wih Single Pitch Instructor, Ting Chin.

About the Back Cover: Photo provided by Timothy Hearsum. See his works on display at Spaghetti Western Saloon Salon. See page 39 for details.

A Note from the Publisher:

It’s Love-uary once again. After finding Heart Rock with my daughter for last year’s February issue, I kind of wondered what I would do to follow up. As it turns out, finding stories built on a foundation of love in Joshua Tree is like finding pollen in a super bloom – you don’t have to go looking for them, they find you. Love isn’t a noun in these parts – it’s a verb, and I am honored to be celebrate it.
In honor of the folks whose contributions fill these pages and to those who work behind the scenes to make each issue something to be proud of, I’ll be sharing a little bit about one of them each month.
This month, I am honored to brag on Editor and Social Media maven, Tricia Witkower. Many of you were greeted by this pretty, sharp-witted brunette working the reception table at The Joshuas last October. She was the one with the warm smile waving everyone in saying, “You’re on the list? You can’t find your ticket? That’s ok, we trust you!” All smiles, that is until she was “stabbed in the foot by an Attack Yucca.” We told her that it was just part of her hi-desert initiation (and she believed us). I’ve known Tricia almost 9 years now. She works a regular full-time job in addition to her dedicated duties here at JTV, and on top of it all, she is raising one of the cutest 2-year-old characters ever. She manages single mom life better than anyone I’ve known, even though she’ll tell you she’s hanging by a thread at times. She rarely fails to have a sense of humor about things. She is hands down, my funniest friend and colleague, and if you have one of those, you know how vital they are. If you get the chance to meet Tricia, greet her with warm hugs and then say, “Oh look! A Yucca plant,” just to watch her freak out. It will be fun.

Our Team

Cover Photo: Courtesy of Joshua Tree National Park
Cover Art: Lisa Lynn Morgan
Layout & Design Wizard: Jeff Day
Web Guru: Chelsea Van Es
Editing & Social Media Czar: Tricia Witkower
Staff Photographer: Sandra Goodin
Owner/Publisher: Lisa Lynn Morgan
Owner/Principal: Ray Rodriguez

From Our Partners

Monique A. LeBleu, JTV Glitterazzi
Katie Nartonis, JTV Art Boss
Philip Bonafede, Snake Wrangler and Desert Gardener
Chris Clarke
Christy Addis-Gutierrez
Lisa Lynn Morgan

Monique A. LeBleu
Christy Addis-Gutierrez
Timothy Hearsum
Matthew Hall
Billy Folsom
Paul Moeller
Background photo by: Mathew Hall


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