Auregan, the French Country Music Artist From Joshua Tree

This is the story of a French woman who fell in love with the desert and moved her entire life here. It is also the story of a woman who, even though she’s from the other side of the world where the genre doesn’t exist, writes, and performs country music.

That woman is Auregan, and she calls Joshua Tree home.

Flashback to 2017: Auregan lands at LAX. With her Visa in her pocket, she realizes she is not a tourist anymore, she’s moving to the US for good. She’s got no bank account, no cellphone, nothing but a single suitcase in hand.

Fast-forward to 2018: Auregan follows her heart and decides to escape the rat race and move to Yucca Valley. She is now a Hi-Desert full time resident.

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In her newfound home, she starts exploring. First the neighboring states, then further, each time coming back home with her ukulele case full of song ideas, words, and melodies. Through the years, she has traveled the back roads of many states, from Arizona to Montana, Texas to Utah, New Mexico to Tennessee. She was on a mission to discover American culture and in doing so, she learned how to speak English.

Now in 2024, Auregan recently released her first two country singles “This Freedom” on May 2, and “French Kiss a Cowboy” on May 23. The first song is a love letter to the desert and the bliss she found in her new life and country. The second song is a testament to her playful nature, with a country-pop anthem that you can’t help but sing, stomp along to, or even line-dance to!

The great outdoors is a daily source of inspiration for Auregan, and it shows in all of her creative endeavors. The official video for the song, “This Freedom”, that she directed herself, was mostly filmed in the Morongo Basin.

“The dirt roads and trails you see in the video are in Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree. We also filmed sequences at the dry lake in 29 Palms. There are clips from Oklahoma, Montana, Tennessee, Utah… But it was important to me to showcase our area as it brings me so much joy and inspiration. And the bike comes from Tractor Supply, Yucca Valley!”, says Auregan.

“This Freedom” sits in the broader country music genre and is a ready-to- drive song that will no doubt be the soundtrack of your next road trip.

But it is her most recent release “French Kiss a Cowboy” that is making waves. The title is indicative of the mood and spirit: the song is meant to be a fun ride, and the quality of the sound and production are outstanding.

Auregan comments, “I wrote the song with Jeff Coplan, who is a Platinum and Gold certified producer, and CCMA nominee. He has worked in New York, Canada, and now has a studio in Nashville. He produced and mixed the song, and it was mastered by 6x Grammy winner, Ted Jensen, at Sterling Sound.”

“French Kiss a Cowboy’’ plays on Auregan’s French origins throughout, resulting in an infectious country music staple – the party song.

If “This Freedom” establishes Auregan’s journey and her love of the United States, then “French Kiss a Cowboy’’ shows her creative range and showcases her dynamic voice and entertainer persona.

“The desert is the home I never expected to find,” says Auregan. “I am aware of how lucky I am to live in such a place. I feel free, I am artistically inspired by everything I see, and I am constantly amazed by the beauty of it all.”

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