BAHOOTenzie Fest

The Joshua Tree Music Festival site is thrilled to be hosting Steve Poltz’ inaugural Bahootenzie FolkFest & SongSchool. The Song School (with Steve, Dan Bern & Nicki Bluhm) is happening May 17-19. The FolkFest is May 20 & 21 with Steve, Dan Bern, Shook Twins (duo), Taylor Kingman and Lewi Longmire (of TK & The Holy Know-Nothings), Lisa Sanders, Megan Slankard, and more TBA. If you’ve ever witnessed a performance by Steve, then you know he is one of the greatest solo entertainers roaming planet Earth. He’ll have you laughing and crying and singing and dancing; and that’s all in one song


Hi! This is Steve Poltz. I’ve started a little FolkFest and SongSchool. It’s called BaHOOTenzie! I was playing a show in Joshua Tree and threw the idea out to the cosmos. During the set, I blurted out, “Hey, you freaks! I’m having fun. Are you? We should do this every year! I’ll bring some friends and we’ll have our own FolkFest right here under the stars. Whaddya think?!?” So, I’ve teamed up with the good folks at the Joshu

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What is BaHOOTenzie? It’s a weird word. That’s for sure. My dearly departed Dad, Joe Poltz, used to say it after he’d cough or sneeze. One day I asked him what it meant and he said, “Many blessings” and I said, “Oh, I thought it meant let’s go nuts”. Then my dad said, “let’s combine it and make it “many blessings, let’s go nuts!” I loved that. I like the word BaHOOTenzie because it has HOOT in it. And hoot is one of my favorite words in the history of favorite words. So instead of shouting “many blessings, let’s go nuts”, I just say…… BaHOOTenzie!

Now, I love nothing more (well, almost nothing) than performing. But I truly dig the fine art of crafting a song and writing music. And teaching others to find their muse and blossom. So, we’re going to host a SongSchool in the days prior to the FolkFest, with Nicki Bluhm, Dan Bern, and yours truly as teachers.

So here we are. Get ready to BaHOOTenzie!!

xoxo Steve

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