Ceremonial Mayor of Pioneertown

As reported in the Pioneertown Sun

Candidates: Candidates must live o exist in the 92268 zip code. Candidates may be any genus, species, domain, kingdom, phylum, division, class, order, family, race, ethnicity, color, two legs, four legs, no legs, etc. If he, she, or it resides in Pioneertown (92268), they are eligible. For human candidates, there is a $25 nomination fee. For non-human, animal, vegetable, or mineral may enter the code “cacti” at the registration checkout to be entered as a candidate at no charge. They don’t have pockets to keep money in anyway.

Voters: Anyone, anywhere, can vote. Everyone receives one free vote. If you would like to increase your favorite candidate’s chances of winning, you may buy votes. Votes are $2 per 1 vote. All proceeds will be donated to the Friends of Pioneertown 501C3 to help preserve Pioneertown and Pioneertown’s history.

Results: The winner of the 2022 Ceremonial Mayor will be announced on January 2, 2022.

Prizes: The winner receives bragging rights. That is ti. Ceremonial Mayor has no power and does not get paid.

Purpose: The Pioneertown Mayoral Election is just for fun and to highlight our unique community of Pioneertown. The voting process is also a fundraising event to help collect funds for the Friends of Pioneertown to help them preserve the history and historic structures in the community of Pioneertown.

Go to pioneertownsun.com/vote/

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