Corroded Diagram Outlet 2023


By Katie Nartonis

Brent and Juan met in college, as fellow art majors. Both were very active in the Pomona Arts Colony art scene sharing a studio and curating shows together. They drew all the time and worked on many projects, including an art zine, a gallery, and multiple shows. There was so much art being produced, it needed to be seen.

In 2005, Brent and Juan decided to put together an exhibit of their art at SCA Project Gallery in the Pomona Arts Colony. They had over 60 pieces of art ranging from small black and white drawings to 8-foot color paintings. Corroded Diagram Outlet was a huge success and sparked the idea for multiple shows for years to come.

More recently, each of them noticed the other has been producing quite a large amount of art. Inspired, they have decided to bring back Corroded Diagram Outlet for the month of March. Expect lots and lots of weird sketches, drawings, paintings and possibly a new zine.

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