“Desert Florals and Luminous Landscapes” at Space Truckin’ Gallery

By Katie Nartonis

High and Low Desert collaborators, Anna Stump and Daphne Hill, present their 12-year project of mixed media landscapes at Space Truckin’ Gallery in Yucca Valley this month. Working as “Hill&Stump,” the two friends playfully pass paintings back and forth, pouring a layer of clear resin between each pass. The result is paintings that contain levels of depth and brilliance. The partners are not allowed to tell each other what to do, and often surprise each other.

In addition to fine art paintings, Daphne and Anna will show a line of belt buckles and other accessories they make under the Naughty Blonde Redux brand. Vintage popular illustrations combine with hilarious platitudes from old marriage manuals to keep you smiling as you hold up your pants or powder your nose.

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Anna Stump of 29 Palms and Daphne Hill of Rancho Mirage share a studio in Palm Springs. Find them @amstump and @daphnehill4real and at www.hillandstump.com. Opening reception is April 15, 4-7pm and the show continues through May 13. For open hours contact @spacetruckingallery:

Space Truckin’ Gallery
55940 29 Palms Hwy #2
Yucca Valley, CA 92284

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