By Seth Zaharias


oshua Tree has long been a haven and crucible for art, music, and community mindedness. FurstWurld Gallery and Performing Arts space in Joshua Tree is a treasured local hub that is dedicated to supporting and hosting music, community projects, and artistic endeavors. However, its mission is in jeopardy and we are banding together to hold a fundraiser to help FurstWurld reopen its doors. This fundraiser will be held May 27th, 2023 at the Giant Rock Meeting Room Annex at 1141 Old Woman Springs Rd, 92284


What’s the problem? San Bernardino County issued a cease and desist order stating that the FurstWurld event space was not in compliance with county permitting and regulation.

What’s the solution? Raise funds to help FurstWurld find a path forward to come into compliance with county permit requirements and continue the amazing work that FurstWurld Event Space provides for the Arts, Music, and Community. This is a treasure that must not be lost due to bureaucratic problems, and we need your help to move forward and keep this space available for everyone in the community.

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FurstWurld is committed to working in harmony with the county and finding a solution, but this will take resources beyond what FurstWurld, which typically operates on donations only, has available. We are asking people to come out to the Giant Rock Meeting Room Annex from 4-10pm on Saturday May 27th for a delightful night of celebration with music and art. We have an art auction (both live and silent) with over 80 artworks by more than 50 artists including Randy Palumbo, Diane Best, Bret Philpot, Colleena Hake, Clark Hunter, Cybelle Rowe, Ron Therrio, Salvador Dali, John Henson, and so many others that have been donated to raise funds to support FurstWurld’s continued existence and legal journey forward. There is something for every budget here, come on out and get you some art!

Musical entertainment will be resting on the broad shoulders of Los Poncho Tones, featuring the Urban Desert Cabaret, Parker Ainsworth, Jessica Von Rabbit, John Curry, Robbi Robb and Kripa, Rosa Pullman, and Daveed and Machin’ and some wonderful surprises. Full bar and Pizza provided by Giant Rock Meeting Room with a portion of sales donated to the cause.

Check out this video the wonderful Bonnie Hawthorne did of the Art drop-off day.

Even if you can’t be there in person, buying a ticket helps keep this iconic place from closing its doors for good. Please share widely! You can find more video resources about this event at https://www.youtube.com/@cliffhangerguides

The community speaks up for FurstWurld:

Rock Star, Robbi Rob

Barnett English, Joshua Tree Musical Festival Founder

Teddy Quinn, Beatnik Lounge

Tickets are available through the link below on a sliding scale from $30-$50 per person. https://youtu.be/LqwShT1kM9U


Donations can be sent via Venmo to @FurstWurldSolutions

Tremendous thanks to everyone who has already come together to help support this event and for helping to support community and culture in Joshua Tree. We need your help to make this event an incredible success. Huge thanks to our sponsors, your support has been essential.

Read more about FurstWurld: https://joshuatreevoice.com/furstwurld-the-heart-of-joshua-tree/

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