Joshua Tree Based Band, DAYTIME MOON – Video Premiere of “Sprits”

Joshua Tree-based band Daytime Moon recently released a new video for the song “Spirits” from their new album You are the Dusk, I am the Dawn. The video premiered in It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine and was shot by Zak Kupcha and Kloe Von Wolf, of Circulation Media in Palm Springs.

Daytime Moon was formed in the Mojave Desert and is headed up by prolific songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Brent Simpson, with childhood friend Daniel Hovis contributing harmonies and bass guitar, and the legendary Kevin Patterson on drums. Originally started in early 2010 as a solo project by Brent Simpson in Joshua Tree, CA, Daytime Moon has become known for a particular style of catchy singable lyrics, imaginative bass lines, and lots of tasty guitar stuff; warping genres from the darkest parts of the abyss and simultaneously blasting the listener off into the next rhythmic groove dimension. The songwriting is like candy for your brain, as each song takes you on a poetic journey with fierce intensity and raw emotion. The skillful storytelling and beautiful imagery used in the lyrics are layered with heartfelt sincerity and realness, both harmonically rich and mesmerizing, so you can relate and really feel the wholesome love. The live show is both extremely entertaining and heavily energized – passion melted together and baked fresh and specific to each show, suspending the audience in complete awe and wonder, while also creating the most intimate and captivating experience you won’t forget.

About the song, Simpson says, “I wrote “Spirits” when I was feeling pretty bitter about life. I was watching people around me who were pushed to the point of desperation, where they were willing to do anything to move their career forward, including backstabbing their friends or making a sacrifice on Goat Mountain in Landers, California. The desert is a strange place, so sometimes at night some people believe spirits of ancient people walk the streets and if you don’t know any better, it just looks like wind blowing, but it’s actually ghosts. The song is a lighthearted commentary about making a sacrifice of some sort to appease those spirits that walk between realms in order to achieve your dreams and follow through on your commitments. But ultimately, the song is about starting over and rebirth. So, there’s some hope there.”

You Are the Dusk, I Am the Dawn is a collection of ten songs of longing, discovery, overcoming anxiety, and wonder. The band, composed of three long-time friends, cite influences as far-ranging as The Cure, Neil Young, the Mars Volta, and Underoath. Their sound is youthful, yet taps into nostalgia, at times making listeners feel carefree and celebratory, while ruminating on universal human experiences. The album features Stephen Hubbell on percussion, Lil Hog performing spoken word on verse 2 of “Selfless,” Delaney Henry on backing vocals on “When We Were Friends”, and Scott Drago Kisinger on trombone for “Losing Time” and “Wordless”. All ten songs were tracked and mixed by Paul Francis of Get Right Recording in Yucca Valley, California.

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