Joshua Tree Yoga Retreat & Integratron Sound Bath

With Nicole Turner / November 11-13, 2022

Nicole Turner is a tenured yoga and meditation teacher, sound healer, and change maker passionate about using the 8 limbs of yoga, sound and other life enhancing tools to help people rise to their full potential. She believes that when this happens, all living things, including this planet will benefit.

Takhtams Village of Indians is a land-less Tribe from the Joshua Tree area. The ancestral land is now owned by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and the Wetland Conservatory. During the California Rancheria Termination Act, California was in the process of removing all the Native Americans from Reservation. Unfortunately, their tribe was one of the 134 Reservations selected. Now they are asking for donations to buy 20 acres directly outside of their Ancestral land and believe if they can’t be on it, they would like to be close to it.

Nicole has chosen this Tribe to support and will confirm closer to November if a Tribal member will be able to attend the retreat.

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Are you stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out or just not feeling connected to yourself, others, or the world around you? Join Nicole Turner this November for a relaxing, healing, spiritually infused, charitable experience in the magical Joshua Tree National Park. To make it even better… a portion of the proceeds will go to support Takhtams Village of Indians, a local landless Native American Tribe.


Friday – Nov 11th Around 7 pm
(Optional, but Highly Recommended)
Arrive anytime. Nicole will plan to arrive at 7 pm. Come socialize, star gaze, hot tub or have a glass of wine or tea with Nicole and other retreat attendees at Nicole’s accommodations until 10pm.
OR …check in to your own accommodation and enjoy a quiet, relaxing evening in the desert.
Make sure to get a good sleep so you are ready for all our amazing adventures Saturday!

Saturday – Nov 12th
8-10am – Outdoor and covered if needed: Smudging, drumming, yoga, sound healing, and a spirit animal meditation at Wind Walkers Medicine Wheel. 10-11am – Breakfast at local cafe with group or on own 11am-1pm – Drive yourself or carpool (30min or less) into Joshua Tree National Park to do a short hike with group. *Option for friends and family to join us for this and you can pack a lunch and eat in park, or wait until after.
1-4pm – Free time on your own to reflect, journal, relax
or explore
4:45-6:30pm – Private Integratron Sound Bath
7-9pm – Dinner in Pioneertown at Pappy & Harriet’s with group
9pm – Free time, hot tub, star gazing, relax on your own.

Sunday – Nov 13th
8-10am – Outdoor (or indoor if needed) Yin Yoga, Sound Healing, and Meditation at the Joshua Tree Institute of Metaphysics and Retreat Center
*Consider checking out before yoga, so you don’t have to rush back afterwards.
10am – 11am – Breakfast at Joshua Tree Retreat Center Food for Thought Cafe

For more information, contact
Nicole Turner at

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