“Messages to Self, Drywall Dave” Drywall Dave, formally known as David Kilburn, has suffered deeply, emotionally, and physically, yet lives triumphant; it is a testament to his commitment to the ones he loves and has lost. This November, Gordon Clark’s documentary on Dave will be debuted at Furstwurld in Joshua Tree.

“This body of work chronicles the life of a regular man with a skill set in dry walling,” Clark explains. “He moved to Joshua Tree, California in the 70s from Buffalo, New York. The theatrical approach in creating these images mirror the emotional aspects that changed David’s life. His son, Aaron, died tragically in a car accident. Later, his wife of 38 years died from cancer. Doctors told Dave that they would have to amputate his toes and possibly his feet due to diabetes.”

“All that has happened in my life dwells in my psyche,” shares Dave. “They live in the chambers of my mind. This is what I’m made of. This is my wealth, for better or for worse. Nothing in life is ever standing still. New rules are being formed that may challenge our ideology. When challenged, we never know the degree of accumulation of emotion that will trigger a reaction that can change the perception of how we are perceived in the fleeting moment in time. What is the receiver of our response or reaction, navigating through at that time? How can we attempt to be mindful of our inner thoughts, when we are saturated in the now?”

This collaboration is a visual diary, Dave clawing out each nagging voice and fleeting thought, captured by Clark. Guilt, sadness, regret, anger, remorse, forgiveness, embarrassment, and joy are all represented here. Through Clark’s lens, a regular man’s story becomes one of heroic internal strength, and a source of profound inspiration. Follow for information about November’s “Messages to Self,” documentary. See more of Clark’s deep body of work at GordonClark.TV.

© Gordon Clark 2021 “Drywall Dave, The Prayer.”

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