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The Sun, The Moon, The Sky and the Stone

By: Cindy Weinstein

In the desert, time abandons the myth of constancy. Pretense is short-lived.
Everything that is concealed will come to be revealed.
The only way to hide in the desert is by becoming part of her landscape.
In the desert, the earth is laid bare.
Her curves and her bones are visible and unashamed.
In the desert, the horizon is ever-present.
You can always see what’s coming. And it can see you.
Everything is vulnerable and strong in the desert.
When it rains in the desert everything rushes to bloom.
There is an orgy of procreation. It smells of creosote and sage.
In the desert, the changing of day to night to day is a spectacular display
of cosmic cinematography.
The moon is an atmospheric phenomenon in the desert.
Predators know this. So do their prey.
It paints the landscape in ethereal gilded silver.
When it snows in the desert it is holy. No one speaks.
In the desert there is the sun, and the moon, and the sky, and the stone.
These are all the things you need to know.
In the desert, even a pebble becomes a poem.
©2023 Cindy Weinstein

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Cindy was born and raised in upstate NY. After college, she moved to Washington DC where she established her career, her art, and her family. She came to Los Angeles in 1993 with her two young children and stayed until she immigrated to the desert in 2017. She has been writing, reading, and performing her poetry off and on since she was 17. She has been published in a number of Los Angeles anthologies as well as in Cholla Needles. She also has a self-published chapbook entitled Lampshades From The Skin of Roses.
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