Poetry Corner: “Renewal” by Cindy Rinne


By: Cindy Rinne

I hadn’t been to Joshua Tree National Park in a long time. Weekends crowded. But it was a weekday afternoon. Clear, crisp, not cold after much rain. Hiking boots, a dress for the night’s performance, sunscreen, old straw hat, walking stick, sketch book, and water. I wander towards a mountain of boulders. Desert plants ready to burst into color. Joshua Trees pregnant with giant flowers. Sage scent. Arriving at the base of the boulders, stacked in a balancing act, I ask for a pathway to enter the shadows. I sense an opening. Boot prints engrave the sand and mark a narrow passage. I greet the spindly plants. Avoid spikes and needles. Climbing a boulder, I stand in a cove. Then lie down with my back sinking into rough granite. The stone cradles me in tenderness. No wind. Eyes closed. A breeze picks up my long, gray hair. Plays with my tresses. My hair dances and floats. Muscles relax. I remember these ancient, volcanic boulders once healed my spasms. I open my eyes to the shock of blue sky. Birds skitter. This land can be harsh, directionless. Demands respect. But welcomes my authentic self. I sit up visioning long horizons that reset my soul. The vastness encourages me to rest and to explore. Recalibrate. Breathe. Renewal.

Author photo Credit: Alice Jones
Artwork: Drawn by Cindy Rinne on loca:on where she had the experience shared in her poem

Cindy Rinne creates fiber art, poetry, and zines in San Bernardino, CA. Her poems have appeared in literary journals, anthologies, art exhibits, and dance performances. Author of: Dancing Through the Fire Door (Nauset Press), Today on Two Planets (Written by Veterans), and more. www.fiberverse.com IG: @fiberverse

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