Protecting Our Starry Night Skies

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors has approved the San Bernardino County Light Trespass Ordinance. The ordinance was first introduced to the San Bernardino County Planning Commission on Feb. 4. Since that time there have been several workshops and meetings, and on Sept. 9 the San Bernardino County Planning Commission recommended approval to the Board of Supervisors.

This initiative will regulate light trespass and outdoor lighting to minimize direct glare and light pollution that interfere with residents’ ability to enjoy the benefits of our night sky. This will have a particularly positive impact on the desert and mountain unincorporated regions of the county. To protect dark skies, the ordinance establishes reasonable outdoor lighting curfews and enforces limits on how bright lighting can be.

Supervisor Dawn Rowe, who serves as Vice Chairwoman of the Board of Supervisors, said, “This ordinance is the culmination of many years of hard work. This has been one of my top priorities since serving on the board.

“I particularly want to thank the Dark Skies Committee for their extensive research and work on this ordinance. I also want to recognize San Bernardino County Planning Commission Chairman Jonathan Weldy who did a great job of working with all of stakeholders involved to come up with a balanced initiative that will preserve our desert skies while also ensuring the security and safety of residents and visitors alike.”

The initiative will gradually take effect over the next two years. Commercial and industrial properties must comply within 18 months, while all other properties will have 24 months.

Photo credit: Sandra Goodin

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