TEMPORARY EMERGENCY CLOSURE in Rattlesnake Canyon for Nesting Raptors

By the authority under Title 36 C.F.R. section 1.5 (a) (1), the climbing area described as “Slatanic” (Rattlesnake Canyon in Indian Cove) and all lands shown below closed to all public entry and public use activities. This is designated as an emergency for the protection of natural resources.

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Specifically, the presence of a pair of golden eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) nesting in very close proximity to a variety of climbing routes in the “Slatanic” area (including but not limited to Rattlesnake Buttress, Margaret Thatcher Spire, The Stepping Stones, The Bulkhead, The Dunce Cap and Commissioner’s Buttress) requires closure until the nest has been abandoned to ensure the protection of the species for the duration of the nesting activities. This action is described as an emergency closure as the pair of raptors in question are exhibiting nesting behaviors.

This closure will be in effect from February 8, 2022 until June 15, 2022; or until the nest has been abandoned.