The Heart and Magic Behind Brewja Elixir

By Joshua Tree Voice

Located in the heart of mystical Joshua Tree, Brewja Elixir offers a unique and vast variety of power plants. The Founder, Sailene Ossman, has carefully curated a selection of plants that are both healing for the physical bodies, but also for the energetic, spiritual bodies. Sailene serves elegantly crafted mocktails, healing teas, tonics, and exotic elixirs with plants renowned for their healing properties, such as hemp, healing mushrooms, blue lotus, exotic teas, and plants.

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The store specializes in all components of the cannabis plant, specifically hemp-derived cannabinoids where nothing exceeds the .3% delta 9 THC. Adaptogenic mushrooms, which science continues to prove are extremely effective for physical and mental health, are one of many other specialty products. And it’s not just for smokers! There is something for everyone, from creams, tinctures, capsules, gummies, and chocolate. There are even products made specifically for pets!

Although Sailene’s passion is teaching about these lifeshifting (and some would suggest lifesaving) natural cures, she’s also always been driven to create a community everywhere she goes. Now that Joshua Tree is home, Brewja Elixir is the perfect spot for it. The store will be rolling out experiences like cooking classes, live music, tarot readings, parties, private ceremonies, events, and more, allowing the community to come together while discovering new ways to connect and grow together through these powerful plants and fungi. Sailene has curated a beautiful patio space, inviting the community to come together and stay a while. Imagine old school coffeeshop, new age elixirs, tonics, and teas.

These offerings come to life with the inclusion of the tea and elixir bar, which will open soon. The beverage bar includes hot and cold elixirs, as well as tonics and teas to elevate and shift your perspective one delicious sip at a time. And this isn’t your average beverage stop. The whole menu has been created by a professional herbologist to make truly unique concoctions for every mood and flavor preference. allowing you to taste all the flavors and effects of botanicals, adaptogens, tonics, botanicals essences, tinctures, powders, and more.

This is just the beginning for long-time entrepreneur Sailene Ossman. With its growing popularity, it will continue to be her heart project and calling for years and years to come. Don’t miss your chance to experience all that is Brewja.

Brewja Elixir is located at 61607 29 Palms Hwy, Joshua Tree, California. You can also shop online at

All photos: Sandra Goodin

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