By Ray Rodriguez

About The Joshuas

Look to the glorious night sky…teeming with celestial bodies, a boundless, regnant element of this region we call home. Who among us has not been moved by the wonders above, a fundamental element of this special place? Yet with the heavens seemingly out of reach, we at Joshua Tree Voice will endeavor to celebrate and honor the Morongo Basin stars who inspire us here on earth.

It is with this simple, earnest intention that we wish to laud those who have activated, entertained, and cultivated us, that we seek community support in identifying and presenting The Joshuas. While so many do so much good, practically we will focus The Joshuas on our mission statement of honoring music, art, culture, ecology, and local love. To this end, we have, and continue to seek, counsel from long standing talents, professionals, and a knowing public in designing and bringing to life this annual celebration of excellence.

Do not confuse The Joshuas with an awards show, for it is not. We respect and understand the many drawn to this special place, and merely seek to identify and encourage all, as we annually gather to honor those who reveal themselves through an inclusive process of peers and public.

What we aspire to should be apparent in each year’s gathering and the honorees of the day. With your help, each year we will improve the celebration.

Besides, Rolo Castillo has jumped in with design/lighting and Dave Catching is spinning records at the after party. That’s a pretty good “front porch” for a first year effort, so loosen up, grab your best girl/guy/extraterrestrial, slip into your funky-cool finest, and let’s have a party your grandkids will want to time travel back to.

Sponsors are already jumping into this Love Boat, but we have room for more, so call and find out how you can be a part of making this event more stupendous.

Tickets on sale soon, please get yours early as this will sell out, and the black market will be, well black, while the rest of us dance in the light!

The Joshuas October 16, 2022

The Joshua Tree Retreat Center (The oldest retreat center in the country) Be there or be blasé.

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