TRANSMISSION – The Giant Art Installation in Joshua Tree Created by Daniel Popper with the Collaborative Help of Local Artisans and Contractors

By Clint Stoker

“Transmission,” is the latest large installation by renowned artist, Daniel Popper. The giant forms are made from steel, reinforced concrete, and mosaiced with a dichroic glass mirror that changes color depending on the viewing angle. She stands approximately 26ft above the desert floor.

This giant goddess emerges from the landscape with hands transmitting energy and light for registered guests to pass through as you enter and exit the Mojave Moon Desert Ranch oasis in the mountains above Sunfair Dry Lake, just outside Joshua Tree National Park in California.

In the palm of each hand is a suspended stainless- steel crescent moon. Another crescent moon cutout graces the center of her forehead, where the clouds in the desert sky can be seen dancing through the silhouette.

The entrance way art piece was commissioned by Morgan Brown @mojavemoonranch, a developer and interior designer based in Los Angeles. Transmission was conceived 9 months ago within the imaginations of Brown and Popper. According to Brown, “Now fully realized, she is concrete evidence that we are all divine – that we are all one with each other and nature. The intention is to remind us all to strive to transmute love, peace, and unity”.

Daniel Popper Studios, and his team @danielpopper was onsite to erect the sculpture, which included Daniel, engineer Robert Bernicchi, construction supervisor Samuel Murgatroyd, and photographer Jonathan Pillemer. Popper enlisted local artisans to assist, including Sarah Renner from Joshua Tree MusicFestival, Jeff Pouliot, Diego Durand, Luke Woodaman, Angela Fields, and Alexandre Dias, who’s collective energy is forever embedded in the piece. Morgan and her executive assistant Michael Schenk were hands on during the design, planning and placement of Transmission on the site.

Morgan and Daniel were thrilled to work with local contractors for preconstruction and to complete the project, including Clint Stoker and Stoker Construction Inc. @ stokerconstructioninc, Dillon Concrete, SC Backhoe, HEITEC Consulting @heitec_ consulting and crane operator Art Parker. Stoker added “Seeing nine months of planning, emails and blueprints come to fruition in such an awe-inspiring work of art is truly humbling. I am particularly proud of our local contractors who took great care to limit our impact on Morgan’s pristine piece of desert.”

Said Daniel, “This was a new experiment with mosaic, and I loved how it spoke to the surreal landscape.

It was an absolute gift to be able to create in such an epic location. … May the Mojave Desert replenish your soul, and may you be inspired to transmit your gifts to others.”

Transmission is located at the end of Sunfair Road on private property, which limits up close viewing. However, plans for a photography and viewing location are being constructed, to safely and respectfully allow neighbors and visitors to take in the artwork without damaging the surrounding desert flora. Plans are also underway for the artwork work to be included in various annual local art tours, to allow for a closer look. When Morgan isn’t utilizing her magical space, Mojave Moon Ranch is available for your next getaway. For more info on Transmission or the ranch, visit

Photo credits: Jonathan Pillemer, Clint Stoker, and Michael Schenk

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