You will be presented with multiple categories. Please enter the name you feel best represents an outstanding effort in that category.

Please note that previous recipients of a Joshua Honor are ineligible for nomination in the category they have been previously honored in. For instance, Sandra Goodin who was honored with Outstanding Photography is ineligible to be honored in that category, however, she can be nominated in any other category. This ensures an opportunity for others to be celebrated for their equally worthy efforts. The exception to this “rule” is made in the category of “Outstanding Album,” “Outstanding Song,” in the Music category, “Outstanding Video/Documentary,” in the Art category, and “Outstanding Stage Production” in the Theater category – these categories are nominated based on the project itself, not the artist individually, so the same artist may be nominated for a new album, song, video, etc… The list below will reference honorees from the 2022 and 2023 Joshuas for your reference.

We ask that you honor your peers in place of voting for yourself if you qualify for nomination under one of these categories.

Raymond Rodriguez and Lisa Lynn Morgan or the Joshua Tree Voice publication will not be accepting any nominations for any category.

The top three nominees in each category will be presented for public vote (if there is a tie, there may be more than three), and honorees announced at the event (tickets will be on sale soon).

Please return your nominations promptly following your sincere considerations. Again, the deadline to nominate is May 22nd. Nominees will be announced in the June issue of Joshua Tree Voice.

We greatly appreciate your time, help, and input.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email or call me directly (760) 464-6773.