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Owner/Creator of FurstWurld, Artist

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Mario Lalli, considered the Godfather of the Desert Rock genre by many, is one of our desert’s true treasures. Like the other local legends in his latest project, Mario Lalli & the Snake Charmers, they pack venues across the world because of the music they’ve produced over the last 40 plus years. For Lalli and his Snake Charmers there has never been any other option but to make music. They are the music. This latest release, Folklore from Other Desert Cities, is an important contribution to the world of rock and roll.


In October 2022 we celebrated the first Joshuas Honors Gala at the historic Joshua Tree Retreat Center. 22 honors were given, more than 15 acts performed, food and beverages were overly delightful. Everyone on the production team worked hard to make this a special night, but we had no idea what we would tap into. The gathering of creative hearts and minds coming together to lift up those who pour themselves into their craft and this community created an energy we had never experienced before. But then again, we’d been isolated and locked down for a season that lasted longer than anyone expected, and Covid restrictions had just been lifted.

October 2023 proved it wasn’t a fluke or matter of timing – the gathering created yet another vortex on the storied property, one of joy, love, and kindness, and we were overwhelmed once again. Again, there were more than 15 performances – not a single repeat from the year prior – and the magic happened AGAIN.

If you have not yet been or have been and do not want to miss it, please save the date – Sunday, October 20, 2024. We’ll feed you. We’ll entertain you with a vast array of the area’s incredible talent. Libations will flow. And we will be in awe together at just how deep the love and talent runs in this beautiful kaleidoscope community. (Date revised since February 2024 Publication)

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