A Note from the Publisher

Thank you to our advisory board whose talents, insights, and passions contribute to the quality of this publication

Jacqueline Guevara
Executive Director, Joshua Tree National Park Association

Barnett English
Festival Founder and Director, Joshua Tree Music Festival

Dave Catching
Owner, Rancho De La Luna Recording Studio, Musician, Producer

Mario Lalli
Musician, Fatso Jetson, Yawning Man

Bobby Furst
Owner/Creator of FurstWurld, Artist

A Note from the Publisher:

Joshua Tree community creatives, you blow my mind. Thank you for letting us fill our pages with your stories and your craft.

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March 2022 Issue Acknowledgments


Cover Art: Lisa Lynn Morgan
Design Wizard: Jeff Day
Web Guru: Chelsea Van Es
Editing & Digital Media Czar: Tricia Witkower
Official Dream Catcher (Photographer): Sandra Goodin
Morongo Basin Distribution: Sandra Goodin
Coachella Valley Distribution: Bill Wesley
San Diego County Sales & Distribution: Ashly Morgan
Orange County, LA County, and Ventura County Distribution: Pinky’s Distribution
Owner/Publisher: Lisa Lynn Morgan
Owner/Principal: Ray Rodriguez

Katie Nartonis, Art Boss
Chris Clarke, Coyote Lover
Jacque Guevara, Story Wrangler
Philip Bonafede, Snake Wrangler
Ed Heethuis, Beer Wrangler
Lisa L. Morgan, Wrangler Wrangler
Ray Rodriguez, Man, Myth, Legend
Travis Puglisi, Wandering Mojave Trail Expert
Eva Soltes, Harrison House’s Master Curator and Letter Writer

Sandra Goodin
Matthew Hall
Paul Moeller
Lisa Lynn Morgan
Eva Soltes

And introducing Josh Kizziar (The Wishing Tree, back cover):
I was always very interested in photography from a young age but I didn’t truly take it seriously until after I sustained a back injury in 2015. The truth is that photography really has changed my life and kept my sanity intact. Through this journey I have had the opportunity to travel and explore this amazing planet. The first time I visited Joshua Tree National Park I truly felt so connected to this place. Over the past 7 years photography has transformed my life in so many ways, I ultimately left my former career and have been a full-time photographer for the past few years. I hope to continue to grow and explore this art form for the rest of my days. My wife and I recently decided to make Yucca Valley our permanent home and are excited to be a part of this amazing community. Thank you to The Joshua Tree Voice for allowing me to share my passion. For all things photography related you can contact me at joshkizziarphotography.com

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