Cosmic Country Lands at Pappy & Harriets Monday, January 22nd with Daniel Donato

“A longtime fixture on the stages of Nashville’s Broadway district,” Donato has transitioned into a force in the rock and jam-band worlds…” – Rolling Stone

If you’ve ever enjoyed live music on Nashville’s Broadway, you are looking at some of the most talented, hardworking, and underpaid artists in the world. It’s a tough gig, but one that is gladly taken by those hoping to make their mark in Music City. Donato not only survived his stint on Broadway, he thrived. Touring in support of his sophomore album, Reflector, recently released via Retrace Music, Donato brings his “cosmic country” to the stage that Sir Paul McCartney performed on.

Cosmic Country can be considered an organic rock band aesthetic with plenty of roadhouse twang, a genre mash that showcases Donato’s instrumental virtuosity and facility for melodically infectious song crafting. Bridging Nashville and the Great West, Kentucky and mid-60s northern California, tie-dye, and plaid, it’s a world of his own, and wide world of musical adventure at that.

“I think Cosmic Country is a tale as old as time, really,” Donato explains. “It’s yin and yang in a musical form. It’s three chords and the truth, and then on the other side it’s exploration and bravery. I really went through a lot of years of grinding, and still am, to achieve this sound which is a vehicle for my personality, and the personality is a vehicle for my soul. So (Reflector) is more that than any other record I ever put out.”

Here are some reviews of Donato’s Reflector:

“It’s a feeling pitched between the retro country associated with Sturgill Simpson and Chris Stapleton and the “conversational music” (his term) of the jam world. It comes across with uncommon clarity on Donato’s latest album, ‘Reflector’…” – UPROXX

“’Reflector’ is, literally, a reflection of his well-developed tastes, like a kaleidoscopic color wheel of the music that seasoned him, from the jam-heavy Grateful Dead to the crooning country of Willie Nelson.” – No Depression

“Prepare yourself for one of the most interesting, omnivorous, and immersive experiences that you can discover in music that still claims an allegiance to ‘country.’ It’s Daniel Donato’s Reflector, and it’s the realization of his “cosmic country” dream first envisioned years ago, but finally coming to fruition in its full form now.” – Saving Country Music

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