DAYTIME MOON Newest Release – “Selfless”

By Lisa Lynn Morgan

Joshua Tree’s favorite pop-punk-emo darlings, Daytime Moon, have released yet another strong video for a dynamically constructed, well produced, and powerfully moving song, “Selfless.” Frontman, Brent Simpson, who has been bringing alternative desert rock to the masses since he founded the band in 2010, explains how this song developed:

“This track is a bit heavier. We recorded the song at Get Right Recording Studios in Yucca Valley with the talented Paul Francis. The video was filmed at our monthly residency in Thousand Palms, CA at Plan B Live Entertainment & Cocktails, and at a southern Californian beach and pier. It features hip hop artist, Lil Hog, on the second verse and deals with internal issues of the military.”

“In 2011 I had a friend named Kythe Yund who took his own life while stationed on the 29 Palms Marine base. He was the singer of the band Jump Doug Jump. The whole band was made up of Marines, and they were very close friends of ours. My brother, Brandon, was recording their first demos in Joshua Tree when Kythe committed suicide very suddenly one night.”

“This song speaks on issues with mental health in the military and asks the question whether the government is doing all they can for these people that give up everything to come to the desert to serve our country. The Marine Corps has the highest suicide rate of all the military branches, and growing up in Wonder Valley, right next to a military town (29 Palms), I have experienced this kind of thing firsthand, countless times.”

“I met Lil Hog in 2018 when we were recording. He was an active duty Marine stationed here, and when I decided to record this song, our producer Paul Francis recommended I reach out to collaborate on this one, to get a more intimate perspective. He was right! LIL Hog’s verse is very powerful. I’m very proud of what we achieved with this song. It’s very important to me for it to reach as many people as it can, both military and civilians. Suicide is an issue that everyone deals with. On average, there is about 132 suicides a day in the United States. I want to let people know that someone cares.”

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This latest song and video reflect a steadily maturing band musically and personally. The music and musicianship captured in this passionate, heart wrenching rocker packs all the punches. The dynamics take you from dancey pop to rapid-fire, impactful rap, to hard core pleading through guttural throat singing. Somehow perfectly, the song finishes with an unexpected but surprisingly refreshing disco outro. It shouldn’t work, but it does. This song is a journey, encapsulating what might be part of the emotional rollercoaster of one suffering enough to find themselves helpless and hopeless, as did 21-year-old Corpman Kythe Kameron Yund who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Daytime Moon has tackled a huge concept and message and captured every drop of it with one of their best releases to date. It has clearly come from the very core of this ensemble as humans and musicians. No matter what your preferred genre, this song deserves a listen.

You can find Daytime Moon on all socials and streaming services. Their upcoming live performances are as follows:

  • Plan B Live Entertainment, Thousand Palms, Thursday, March 14th
  • Hue Fest, Coachella, Saturday, April 6th
  • Plan B Entertainment, Thousand Palms, Thursday, April 11th
  • The Hood Bar, Palm Desert, Saturday, April 13th

If you or a loved one is contemplating suicide, help is available. Contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Video: Paul Grebetz – Filming. Brent Simpson – Editing

Song Credits: Brent Simpson – guitar, keys, and vocal. Kevin Patterson – drums. Stephen Hubbell – percussion. Dan Hovis – bass (on record). Brandon Simpson – bass (in video). Lil Hog – rap verse.


I never knew you had it in you to do something so selfless.

Paint a picture your favorite mixture, you’re too quick, you’re on point.

Broken-Hearted, no-good artist, leave me feeling helpless.

Go abandon. I understand it, we’re too cool to be annoyed.

Could you turn the light on before you go?

My thoughts are coming in through the windows.

Will you turn my mind off before you leave? There’s something hiding just right behind me.

Did you give them all your time? Take advantage of me Lord, have mercy on thee.

Altruistic all your life? You can’t fight this feeling. You’re staring at the ceiling.


Sometimes I hate my body. Hate my weight. Hate my wasted youth. Sometimes I hate my hobbies. Hate my fate. Can’t find Ma way to you. Sometimes I hate the copies. I hate the blade that find the veins and spray these stains. But we normalize it. Pharmacists organize it – the merchandise that ‘sposed to regulate my self-hate. They got me medicated. These suicidal thoughts should’ve vacated. Got some friends who could emulate it. Shit- And we laugh and celebrate it. Shit – maybe try to tell people – Get em’ educated. But here we are just lying and trying to hide it. Like if we just deny it, it goes away. Embrace the fate we all gonna have some day. I just want it sooner than you do. I prick my skin and call it voodoo. Who do you think you are, trying to please.

I never guessed you’d be distressed. I gave my best and you were selfless.

So leave me shattered, it never mattered, torn and tattered and helpless.

I’ve been committed, but you insisted I can’t resist it. I melted.

Would you turn the light on before you go? My thoughts are coming in through the windows. Will you turn my mind off before you leave? So self-absorbed, you don’t understand me.

Are you really feeling fine? Make a bandage of me, but it won’t stop the bleeding. Tourniquet me, or you’ll die. You can’t face the healing escaping from your feelings.

I gave you my heart, you gave me a purpose.

Brought down the stars and made me feel worthless.

I’ve been waiting for the moment when I can say, ” It’s over now.”

Listen for your breathing – inhale, exhale out.

I grew up in Nowhere, and now I run around this town.

Give in to the leaving. Maybe I will see you around?

You gave me nothing, but that’s all you had to give.

I almost felt something, but that’s not how I choose to live.

I’m sinking my toes in the sand like the beach that day,

With every clever word I understand you will never say…

I always give so much, and you always take away.

I always give so much, and you always take away.

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