“Grazie Mille” from Spaghetti Western

By Lisa Lynn Morgan

Courtesy of Spaghetti Western.

Following a soft opening among family, friends, and invited guests, Spaghetti Western opened its doors to the public on Friday, December 17, 2022. The parking lot was packed by 4 pm and it remained so long after their closing time of 10 pm. Over 1,000 meals were served in their first week, with an outpouring of positive reviews. The dream began with the purchase of the property in November 2020. It would take 2 years of persistence and determination to finally make their vision a reality. In turn, the community excitedly turned out to support them in droves.

“We were overwhelmed by the love and support,” shared co-owner Jasmine Tommaso, who doubled as the entertainment for the evening. “We are so grateful to finally see the space come alive with people and to be serving the community!”

The reviews are consistent:

(Taken from the first 3 Google reviews as of 12/23/22)

“A group of eight of us went to the grand opening. The entire experience was absolutely outstanding. The food was great, the service was excellent, the music was even better. They had vegan, vegetarian options and even a great steak. I am extremely impressed considering it was their first night of being in business and a grand opening. I can’t wait to go back again.” – Plant Source

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Photos by Sandra Goodin.

“It’s so nice to have another food option in the hidesert. The service took a while but I’m thinking that’ll get better in time. The steak was amazing, and the garlic butter is so good. The brownie was yummy too. They still have the pool tables which is fun. Recommended dishes: Skillet Brownie, Mushroom Risotto, Oven Roasted Potatoes.” Katrina Gentry

“I had a wonderful time at Spaghetti Western. The ambiance was great, and the energy of the staff was caring and present, and it was really busy. I will def be returning to this establishment for more delicious food and beautiful music.” Kyle Hanson

The restaurant/music venue will regularly host live music with jazz nights on Fridays and Saturdays, from 6 to 9 pm. “We want to feature local artists on Thursdays or Sundays,” Tommaso added, “but we haven’t detailed that out yet.”

Spaghetti Western is located at 50048 Twentynine Palms Highway, in Morongo Valley, California. You can reach them at (760) 363-7444. Learn more at SpaghettiWesternSaloon.com and follow them on all the usual social media platforms.

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