Outstanding Legacy

By Lisa Lynn Morgan

Harriet Le Fevre was honored at The Joshuas 2022 with an Outstanding Legacy Honor, a recognition long overdue. While celebrated for the blood, sweat, tears, and love poured into the foundation of Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace, a venue that has hosted the likes of Paul McCartney, Robert Plant, and more, her legacy encompasses many achievements to be lauded. Of equal recognition is her time in Vietnam performing for the troops. She performed for them for six months, having to be rescued on multiple occasions, and was one of the last to be lifted out with the remaining troops when Americans withdrew.

In addition, a potent documentary is in the works, hoping to be released in December, written, and produced by renowned musician and videographer, Robbi Robb, who shared the following:

From Our Partners

Photos by: Sandra Goodin

“Contrary to common and more obvious forms of stereotyping, such as racism and sexism, research has shown that ageism is even more stubborn and resistant to change. We at FurstWurld have embarked on a project to honor the wisdom and the contributions of our elders in an anthology of mini documentaries called, The Elder Tree. It is in light of this that we approached Harriet, to share her story. Harriet is one of the most important foundations of the Joshua Tree music scene. Her story is heartbreaking and powerful, and we hope by witnessing Harriet’s journey that viewers will be inspired to take on any and all challenges that might face them in their lives.”

Robbi Robb is an administrator for FurstWurld, a nonprofit organization founded by The Joshuas’ Culture honoree, Bobby Furst. FurstWurld is dedicated to strengthening awareness, accessibility, and a deeper appreciation of art, ideas, and cultures.

Congratulations Harriet – and thank you!

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