Quema Del Diablo in Review

Joshua Tree Retreat Center hosted an event for the first time in a while, after being shut down due to the pandemic, and proved itself to be an incredible, multifaceted event space. Its art garden was officially opened, its curator celebrated, two stages supported a kaleidoscope of talent, a plethora of rooms provided rest and views for miles, smiles and laughter sparkled and crackled like the deep fire pit that centered the event. Joshua Tree Voice co-owner, Ray Rodriguez, established true forever bromances with the men who worked into the wee hours of the morning to prepare for the event. His experience can only be described in the review he submitted. Picture him singing and dancing by the fire pit in a diablo wrestling mask, and you’ll begin to tap into the effervescence.

(Singing) “Uno, dos, one, two, trés, quatro… ay, Quema Del Diablo was wooly bully!” The Guatemalan tradition of forging a new beginning by Incinerating the devil along with symbolic items to be discarded, and to rise anew from the ashes was spectacular. “Cross” it with California creative, ancestor bus driving, scorpion bearing, veterano devil burner, Rolo Castillo and friends, and you are celebrating with an exceptional group of artful collaborators. Fan the mixto flames of a freezing night with high octane music and souls to match, and you will be counting the days until the next celebration. Do yourself a favor, and wish yourself the cajones to empieza, and enjoy an Earth based, celestial bound, burning of the bad.”

“It was a true “wooly bully!’”
“Watch it now, watch it,” (dances out of the room singing)

Ay Dios mio.

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