Coco Rose, Nurturing Creativity and Giving Back to Bali

By Lisa Lynn Morgan

The Coco Rose journey unfolded with a motherdaughter escapade to Bali, igniting an entrepreneurial path of tradition, companionship, and innovation. Beyond their passion for exploration, it was the legacy of the artisans, the mesmerizing allure of the island, and its rich cultural tapestry that drew mom, Eileen, and daughter, Shannon, back to this paradise repeatedly.

The ethos of Coco rose revolves around crafting an oasis where mothers and daughters (sister, couples, and besties for that matter) can revel in their attire during their travels. Every piece of Coco Rose Collection is meticulously chosen by Shannon and Eileen during their sojourns in Bali (and beyond), offering women of all ages, sizes, and tastes the tranquil and beautiful bohemian essence of Bali.

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Browsing their fashions is a fantastic online experience, but their brick-and-mortar locations provide the pre-travel fun and ambiance that can almost be as memorable as the trip itself. With stores located in Carlsbad, Encinitas, and Del Mar, desert locals can enjoy shopping at JW Marriott Palm Desert, Desert Springs Marketplace, on El Paseo in Palm Desert at their El Paseo OUTLET, and at their newest Home & Lifestyle store in Old Town La Quinta. Beyond their beautiful fashions, they also have home décor that will give your home a lovely Bali vibe. But when you shop at Coco Rose, you are doing more than enhancing your wardrobe and home, you are also helping them in their significant philanthropic efforts.

The foundational belief of Coco Rose is that their prosperity is intertwined with the prosperity of the island. In 2022, amid the economic fallout of Covid-19, Coco rose acquired a rice field to create employment opportunities on land slated for government repossession due to unpaid dues. The rice field has not only provided jobs for the diligent women who craft our exquisite garments but also for all members of the village community.

A decade ago, when the journey began, the prospect of nurturing creativity while giving back to the beloved island seemed distant. Yet, each handpicked fabric and design in their collection has bolstered employment for local Balinese artisans, upholding the Coco Rose vision while fostering enduring friendships along the way.

The Ralphy Campaign
“Coco Rose owes much of its essence to Yunik – our sister, friend, and muse,” shares Eileen. Eileen’s encounter with Yunik in Bali’s bustling shopping scene marked the genesis of a deep bond. Yunik’s dynamism and charm captivated Eileen, forging an instant friendship. “Today, Yunik is instrumental in our operations, managing production and shaping a significant portion of the Coco Rose brand. She’s the linchpin of our team,”

From the first meeting with Ralphy, Yunik’s son, his aspiration to become a doctor has been clear. Yet, in Indonesia, this ambition is often thwarted by the prohibitive costs of medical education. “We believe in Ralphy’s potential, mirroring his mother’s determination,” Eileen adds.

Enter the Ralphy Campaign – the commitment to fund Ralphy’s medical education. For every caftan crafted by Yunik, whether in-store or online, a dollar will be allocated to Ralphy’s future. Look for the golden star on each tag or explore the “YUNIK COLLECTION” online to support this cause. Contributions will fuel Ralphy’s journey to medical school in Southern China, where he can embrace his heritage and access diverse medical practices.

For inquiries or additional contributions, please contact To shop on line, visit Visit them on Facebook: and on Instagram @cocorosebali. Better yet, visit them in person.

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