Poetry Corner: “THIRTY PALMS” by Rick Foucheux


By: Rick Foucheux

Here thirty palms are in my view,
A next to perfect number.
Their verdancy afore the blue,
In vivid dream, no slumber.
Wherefore comes this spree decor,
Familiar hearth and home?
Like seeing through my own back door
The blue and cosmic dome.
When again in snowy north —
The conifers on blue —
My thoughts will southly sally forth,
No difference in my view.

Photo Credit: Rick Foucheux

Rick Foucheux is a Maryland writer who was on a brief winter retreat in Palm Desert.
“My creative writing has appeared a number of times on a podcast called The Rose Rhapsody, a production of The Rose Theatre Company where I’ve also appeared as an actor. Some of my plays have been produced for readings in Washington.“Thirty Palms” came to me rather quickly on a beautiful February day, sitting by the pool in the photo. I was renting a condo in Palm Desert and was continually charmed and stimulated by the sky, the palms, the mountains, the architecture — all affected me. My trip to Twentynine Palms and Joshua Tree is already a striking travel memory.”

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