Joshua Tree Music Festival Q.Varo & Cactus Wine Experience

By Lisa Lynn Morgan

Q. Varo, born from the creative fusion of Gabriella Evaro and drummer, Tyler Saraca (aka Ty Beats), are set to deliver another mesmerizing musical journey for attendees at the Joshua Tree Spring Music Festival. Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Gabriella, rooted in the Mojave Desert’s Joshua Tree, brings forth multi-faceted sounds and compelling lyrics, while Tyler infuses his love for psychedelic rock, hip hop, and funk. Together, they weave harmonious melodies by looping guitar, bass, vocals, and beats, crafting a distinctive soundscape that transports listeners on a mysterious and sultry voyage.

This cohesive alchemy of sound has been weaved into a cascading storm of creativity built on an eerie intuitiveness between the two musicians. From angelic yet sultry vocals to the alluring rhythmic climaxes and hot dance grooves, Q.varo creates a mesmerizing sonic sound experience that blends perfectly in the bohemian-esque atmosphere of the festival grounds. While Gabriella has performed at the festival 20+ times since 2008 in one creative capacity or another, Q.Varo’s performances as Q.Varo have regularly Pide-Pipered masses of fans new and old, including the wild support of fellow JTMF performers.

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Photos by Penelope Valentine

Cactus Wine Experience: Gabriella Evaro carries a rich musical heritage as a fifth-generation artist from the renowned Evaro family. Despite her familial ties to music, Gabriella initially pursued other passions, including painting, dance, and theater. Inspired by experiences like the LIB Festival, she envisioned combining her love for the Wild West, burlesque, blues music, and visual arts into captivating performances. The culmination of her artistic vision led to the creation of the Cactus Wine Experience, a fan-favorite spectacle blending music, dance, and theater. The musically theatrical ensemble has even been featured at the world renown Pappy + Harriet’s.

Attendees at this year’s JTMF will be treated to both of Gabriella’s passion projects. As Q.Varo prepares to celebrate their music at the Joshua Tree Music Festival, the return of the Cactus Wine Experience promises to be equally electrifying, showcasing the wild west burlesque and dirty blues. Both are a testament to Gabriella’s enduring creativity and wizardly ability to collaborate with talented fellow creatives.

Photos by Penelope Valentine

The Spring Joshua Tree Music Festival: Other artist set to perform include Fantastic Negrito, Moon Hooch, Steve Poltz, Funk You, Telmary & HabanaSana, and more. Named the number one festival in the nation by USA Today, JTMF has earned a reputation as a vibrant celebration of music, art, and community, attracting both local residents and visitors from around the world.

Known for its laid-back atmosphere and inclusive spirit as well as its eclectic line up of music, the festival also features interactive art installations, workshops, yoga sessions, engaging children’s activities, and the opportunity for creative expression.

Whether dancing under the desert starts, lounging in hammocks, or exploring the art installations scattered throughout the venue, the Joshua Tree Music Festival provides a unique and memorable experience that celebrates the intersection of music, art, and nature, with an emphasis on kindness, love, and acceptance.

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Photo by Lisa Lynn Morgan

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