Poetry Corner

An Ode to Our Beauti ful Surrounding

By Angeles

There are no man-made structures that can hold the vastness of being outside.
Skyscrapers can make us feel tiny, but the stars can make us feel alive.
Crossing the threshold of a door can open a divide,
but crossing a river has taken our lives.
The walls of a house can bounce our screams off the paint,
but the wind can carry a whisper no matter how faint.
The roof of a building can shield us from rain,
but what if we miss the chance to wash away our pain?
We can gaze through a window and feel most content,
but if there’s no movement, there’s no ascent.
Our houses protect us from what’s carried in the breeze,
but what if we can heal with just one exhale from a canopy of trees?
There is no box that can hold a soul so wide,
because our souls are as wondrous as the ever living outside.

From Our Partners

Angeles is a wife and mother who has lived in the Morongo Basin her whole life. She finds her inspiration in her garden as shown in her photos.

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From Our Partners